Thursday, April 3, 2008

we have a start...

Site Clean

Render to Facade

Render to Garage/Workshop and brick piers

Split Bricks on Entry

Now where to put the bbq?!

Exterior Paint and Stain


Bickwork complete

Scaffold and Wrapping

Brickwork and thick fog

Brickwork in full swing

Roof Tiles

Timber windows and guttering

Scaffolds for guttering

Roof Trusses and Portico/Veranda

First Floor

Ground Floor

Garage Beams

Frame begins

Soil levelled

Slab complete

The Al fresco

Garage being levelled

Concrete being poured

Concrete mixers on site

Waffles and Slab preperation

Ready for the concrete

Preparing the Slab

Creating a storm

Some more digging


Sewer and Stormwater

No Rock!

The fence and Tap are in

The cut

Digger on site

Vacant Block